McQueeney Family Newsletter Supplemental Multimedia Content

Just a few random things:

Ryan and Maddy zipline  - Nosara, Costa Rica

Masey Rock Band Camp - Keep Your Head Up. Masey on Drums

Masey "Stealing Thunder" at 5th Grade Promotion - Beatles Let it Be.  Masey on guitar.

Masey "stealing Thunder" at 5th Grade Promotion - Tonight, Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae. Masey on Guitar.

Ryan jumps off of "Mantra" in the tiny island nation of Mauritius

Ryan with Big Boy toy at Watkins Glen International Raceway 

Ryan Anderson of MTS catches 400lb Black Marlin in Mauritius. Fish was disoriented and exhausted after the long fight and found himself upside down and he would not shake out of it. The beautiful fish had to be saved by the mate who jumped in and turned the fish upright and he immediately swam off. (Note: I did not make this video.  It was made by the mate Robin on the boat.  The music he used has a f-bomb in the lyrics.  Use caution if necessary.)